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Intestinal Parasites and You

Don't let intestinal parasites and worms and ruin your health.

Human intestinal parasites and intestinal worm remedy. Most of the world's four billion people are colonized by intestinal parasites , and contrary to popular belief, parasitic infestation is not unusual in the U.S. population. It is a common occurrence, even among those who have never left the country, to have an infestation of intestinal worms and other intestinal parasites. " Human intestinal parasites and intestinal worm remedy, herbal vermiuge", "Cleanse intestinal parasites and worms with Para 90™ herbal vermifuge", "Four-fifths of the human immune system is located in the lining of the small intestine." Small wonder that we are victims of every virus or disease that come along!!!

Most of us have parasites but remain symptom free! Are you one of the many who have intestinal parasites and suffer:

" Human intestinal parasites and intestinal worm remedy "

The body's first line of defense against intestinal infection is the acid produced by a healthy stomach. Stomach acid kills most of the bacteria and parasites that are swallowed along with meals. Suppression of stomach acid increases the risk of intestinal infection.

The widespread use of antacids is therefore a reason for concern, and we feel that the FDA's recent decision to make the acid-lowering drugs Tagamet and Pepcid available without a doctor's prescription a terrible disservice to the American people.

A second line of defense against intestinal infestation is the normal intestinal bacteria, especially the Lactobacilli residing in the small intestine. Antibiotics decimate the friendly bacteria like Lactobacillus . In so doing, they increase the risk of subsequent intestinal infection. Don't let intestinal parasites steal your nutrition and health !!!!

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" Human intestinal parasites and intestinal worm remedy " It is recommended that you use AIM Para 90 ™ 3 to 4 times a year for cleansing.

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