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AIM BarleyLife ®
The worlds favorite green juice.

AIM BarleyLife ® Questions and Answers

What are the nutrient levels in AIM BarleyLife ®?

See the Nutritional Profile for the amounts of nutrients in AIM BarleyLife ®.

What does it mean that AIM’s barley crops are cut only once?

Some producers of green grass juice powder plant their crops, grow them until just before they enter the reproductive cycle, and cut the leaves when they contain the widest spectrum of nutrients. Then, instead of planting new crops, they simply allow the plants to continue growing and cut them a second time before they enter the reproductive cycle. Through laboratory analysis, AIM discovered that taking two or more cuttings from the same plants compromised their nutritional density. The nutrient levels in the second cutting were always less than the nutrient levels in the first cutting, and so on. The plants seemed to use their nutrients to accelerate the reproductive cycle. AIM only takes one cutting from each crop so as not to sacrifice quality.

How is AIM BarleyLife ® Processed?

AIM BarleyLife ® is produced in the clean, green, pristine lands of New Zealand and Canada, where the soil, water, and air are rich and pure. The barley used for AIM BarleyLife ® is grown from a variety of seed that allows for the longest harvest window. The leaves are harvested with state-of-the-art equipment when their nutrients are most potent and alive. The leaves are then juiced (not milled, as in many other barley grass products) and processed using the most advanced and efficient cold-processing methods for maximum freshness and nutrition. The juice is spray dried, using a special, low temperature process. This preserves the delicate balance of nutrients and Phytochemicals.

Can I take AIM BarleyLife ® while taking medication?

As long as your health practitioner has not forbidden you to eat salads or green vegetables, you can use AIM BarleyLife ®".

Is there anyone who should not use AIM BarleyLife ®??

AIM BarleyLife ® is a whole food concentrate, so most people should be able to take it. Those with severe medical problems or complications should consult a health practitioner before introducing something new to their bodies. Those on a restricted diet (especially in regard to "green foods") should also consult a health practitioner.

I started taking AIM BarleyLife ® and I feel worse. Why?

When you make a change in. your diet, your body often goes through a cleansing known as detoxification. This can manifest itself in fatigue, rashes, and headaches. It is your body flushing out toxins. For more information, see AIM's Detoxification data sheet.

What is maltodextrin ?

Maltodextrin is a soluble (dissolvable) complex carbohydrate that acts as a buffer to keep enzymes and other molecules apart so that they do not react and denature (lose their healthful properties). It is not a simple sugar (dextrose, fructose, sucrose, table sugar, com syrup, etc.) and does not behave like a simple sugar. It can be derived from potato or cornstarch, and its starch component frees glucose across the human intestinal barrier in a time-release fashion over several hours, so no steep rise or fall of blood sugar results.

Maltodextrin is used to help stabilize and protect AIM BarleyLife ®. When the maltodextrin is sprayed on to AIM BarleyLife ®, it forms a protective coating around the fragile nutrients. This shield is "broken" when you add a liquid and drink the product.

Is AIM BarleyLife ®... available in a no-kelp formula?

At this time, AIM BarleyLife ® is only available with kelp. Although small, the amount of kelp in AIM BarleyLife ® has a dramatic effect on the product. Kelp is a densely nutritious food, which adds more vitamins and minerals.

Is AIM BarleyLife ®? available in caplets ?

At this time, AIM BarleyLife ® is only available in a powder.

“AIM products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease or illness. Results vary”