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Pregnant and Nursing Mothers - Green Barley Juice

Pregnant and Nursing mothers and Barley Juice

Green barley Juice for SeniorsPregnant and nursing mothers require nutrients in greater amounts than the R.D.A. Unfortunately many of these women do not have a sufficient intake. Healthy cells with healthy DNA result in healthier sperm and ovum, which in turn produces a healthy baby, Green Barley Juice can give the nutrients needed for this.

Janet's daughter, Michelle, took only Barley juice as a prenatal supplement and delivered a healthy 8- lb. 4 oz. baby boy. Her midwife looked at the ingredients in Green Barley juice and assured her that this was all she would need. When Michelle pumped her breasts her milk looked like Half - and - Half with a quarter inch of cream on top that would have to be shaken and mixed before giving to the baby. Michelle quit taking Barley juice for one week and the appearance of the milk changed drastically. It looked like skim milk with fat globules suspended in it and it had no cream on top. When she resumed the Barley juice, her milk returned to cream. Mom's who graze on Barley juice have contented babies!

What Does Green Barley Juice do and Who Needs it?

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