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AIM BarleyLife ®
The worlds favorite green juice.

AIM BarleyLife ® Formulation

As stated above, AIM startedout to replicate Barleygreen® by using the same ingredients in the same amounts. However through research and development, we discivered that we could improve the quality and nutritional profile of the product with some modifications.


Maltodextrin is a dissolvable complex carbohydrate that acts as a buffer to keep enzymes and other molecules apart so that they do not react and lose their healthful properties. It is not a simple sugar (dextrose, fructose, sucrose, table sugar, corn syrup etc ) and does not behave like a simple sugar. It can be derived from potato or cornstarch. The maltodextrin in AIM BarleyLife® is derived from cornstarch. Since maltodextrin is a complex carbohydrate and not a simple sugar, it does not cause rapid changes in blood sugar levels. Its starch component frees glucose across the human intestinal barrier in a time-release fashion over several hours, so no steep rise or fall of blood sugar results. This slow, steady release of glucose into the circulatory system serves as a natural source of energy for the body. Maltodextrin is completely safe for people with blood sugar disorders, including those with diabetes and hypoglycemia. This has been demonstrated time and again by all those people with blood sugar concerns who consume AIM BarleyLife® or Barleygreen® every day and experience no adverse effects. In AIM BarleyLife®, maltodextrin plays two very important roles, which are actually related to one another. First, maltodextrin acts as an exceptionally efficient carrier for the natural nutrients found in spray-dried barley juice powder and is absolutely necessary in the spray-drying process. Second, maltodextrin naturally adheres to the nutrient molecules in the barley juice powder, providing a natural coating and protection against the nutrients reacting with one another and greatly reducing the damaging effects of oxidation. This protection stabilizes the nutrients in a totally natural manner and helps keep the enzymes from oxidizing and turning brown, thus helping to ensure freshness. Once you mix the powder in a liquid, this protective shield is lifted.

Maltodextrin is widely used in the natural foods and supplements industry for these and other purposes and is recognized as safe by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) with no restrictions attached to its use.

Reduced Maltodextrin

Although AIM uses maltodextrin in AIM BarleyLife®, we've been able to reduce considerably the amount, which means that the percentage of natural barley juice in AIM BarleyLife® is higher than in other green barley products. This is apparent in the darker color and stronger taste of AIM BarleyLife®.

Lower DE Maltodextrin

In addition, we've been able to use a maltodextrin with a lower DE value. DE stands for dextrose equivalent. On the DE scale pure starch has a DE of 0, pure dextrose a DE of 100. A 15 DE maltodextrin, for example, is slightly sweeter and more dissolvable than a 5 DE maltodextrin. On the other hand, the 5 DE maltodextrin has more prevalent binding, bodying, and crystal-inhibiting properties. To be identified as a maltodextrin by the FDA, products must have a DE of less than 20. The maltodextrin used by AIM has a DE of between 4 and 8, and, therefore, very little of the starch has been converted to dextrose. The maltodextrins used in other green barley products have higher DE values.

Brown Rice and Kelp

These are included in the formulation of AIM BarleyLife® because we believe that they enhance the nutritional profile of the product and aid in the efficacy of the constituents of barley juice. Anecdotal evidence in regard to this formulation compared with anecdotal evidence from a brief period when Barleygreen® did not include brown rice and kelp suggests that those ingredients increase the benefits people receive.

“AIM products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, mitigate, or prevent any disease or illness. Results vary”