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Barley Juice and Children

Green Barley Juice and ChildrenBarley Juice for Children

"Many studies have been conducted on the effects of nutrients on intelligence. When children's diets were supplemented with vitamins and minerals, their I.Q's were raised. The implication is obvious: the marginal deficiencies seen in some young children are enough to hamper neural function in these children. Other studies have shown that marginal vitamin and mineral deficiencies are associated with poor motivation, abnormalities in attention and perception and personality changes." Charles B. Simone, M.D.

Barley juice powder can be put in children's juice or milk. Some children enjoy spooning it dry into their mouths. Barley juice can be mixed with water and put in a dropper and fed to Infants. It can also be put into baby bottles. Many older children enjoy mixing their barley juice themselves using the hand blender. Some enjoy mixing barley juice with beet and carrot juice. Using a straw is fun and helps bypass the taste buds! Janet's grandson has been eating tablespoonfuls of dry Barley juice at a time since age 2 with no adverse affects.

What Does Green Barley Juice do and Who Needs it?

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