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Healthy Mental Attitude

Ron Price, in his book, The Healthy Cell Concept says: “A healthy cell attitude is the final ingredient of the HEALTHY CELL CONCEPT, and possibly the most important. What we think directly affects our Health.

Positive thoughts produce good health, as evidenced by the success of “laughter therapy”and of “combat thinking”in cancer treatment. Negative thoughts can lead to serious debilitating diseases such as bulimia, to dependence on mood enhancers, and even to suicide.

All through history, attitude has been recognized as an important ingredient in the quality of life. How we feel mentally is just as important as how we feel physically. If we maintain a positive attitude on life, we will feel better physically. But we live in an increasingly negative, cynical, apathetic world. So, unless we consciously adopt a positive attitude, we are in constant jeopardy. The Bible says, ’As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.’ Research has also documented that laughter and enjoyment can release substances in the body which enhance the immune system, while sadness, anger or worry can actually depress the immune system.”A healthy person has a sense of “well being”, which produces more positive thoughts, and an increase in health.

Cell food

Healthy cells require healthy food. Healthy food is food eaten just as close to the way God made it as possible... and that means RAW!!!Man is the only member of the animal kingdom that destroys his food before he eats it!

The best foods are raw foods, as their elements remain intact as they were created by nature. Raw foods are not modified by cooking or processes that subtract from the natural substances found in them. If we eat well, we do much toward achieving and maintaining health. So what we eat, drink and breathe becomes the cell structure of the body.

A healthy diet consists of the right balance of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals and water. Unfortunately, the North American diet is far too high in meat protein, animal fat, refined sugar, starches, caffeine, and a host of additives, which cells can’t deal with. Over time, cells cease to be able to function efficiently, and so does the body. Even if we return to a healthy diet, cells will probably need a degree of restoration from past maltreatment.

Dr. Yoshihide Hagiwara, in his book Green Barley Essence, notes that on the cellular level, our bodies relive the “drama of creation millions of times every day, as the cells which form our tissue are reborn in countless succession in the life-sustaining chain.”He says “the most delicate of conditions must prevail”for this constant recreation of life to be carried on, and that a “balance and maintenance of minerals is the key to health.“

Cell exercise

So we must BALANCE food intake and energy output to stay healthy. In order to ensure proper functioning of all cells, body fluids need to be kept moving. This can be accomplished only by exercise. Exercise is absolutely essential for building and maintaining healthy cells. Exercise puts oxygen into the blood, keeps the lymph moving and helps maintain the general health of the entire body. It strengthens and nourishes all the various organs and systems of the body.

Our bodies are designed to do PHYSICAL WORK, i.e. to expend energy. Our cells are geared to increase the rate of conversion of nutrients into energy (metabolism) to meet the demand. But if we don’t exercise, cells produce more energy than needed, and store the excess as fat. Over time, we can increase body weight to the point where we don’t want to exercise, and even start to damage our cell structures. Many consider it the single, most important component in building superior health! When exercise is neglected, all the cells -- muscles, organs, glands, the circulatory and respiratory systems, etc. -- become weakened and sluggish, and this leads to all manner of physical breakdown.

Cell environment

The environment we live in is important to our health. We may eat well and exercise, but if we live in polluted areas, we are hurting ourselves. Our cells need clean air and clean water to work well.

In order for our cells to function properly, they must have a healthy environment. This includes maintaining a body temperature of 98.6 degrees; maintaining a proper acid / alkaline balance of about 7.4 pH; providing the cells with pure air and water, all necessary minerals, and keeping them free from stress. If we can keep the fluids surrounding our cells free of toxic waste, at proper temperature and pH, provide them with pure water, a sufficient and balanced supply of minerals, and keep them free from stress, the cells will live, function and recreate themselves without any problems. Dr. West concludes in The Golden Seven Plus One that ”. . . if the fluid medium in and around the cells was right, it would be impossible to damage or kill cells.”

Cell protection

The body’s immune system is our best tool for fighting disease — it provides us with everything we need to stay healthy. If we can maintain our immune system, there will be little need to use pharmaceutical drugs or undergo surgery. We can strengthen our immune systems through rest, stress management, cell food, and a healthy attitude.

God built into man’s body a line of defense to protect him from being destroyed by an unfriendly environment. The body’s defenses are skin, mucous membranes, friendly bacteria, tear glands, fever, lymphatic system, fighter cells, and the immune system. The immune system contains about a trillion cells called lymphocytes and about 100 trillion molecules called antibodies. These cells provide protection against all microscopic enemies seeking to enter the body. We build our immune system by eating raw food and drinking the juices of raw vegetables!!!

We immobilize our immune system by putting harmful substances into our body! For example, white table sugar (which is literally a drug), paralyzes the immune system. Just nine teaspoons of sugar (one soda pop contains 10), in a day will immobilize the immune system by about 33%... while approximately 30 teaspoons of sugar will wipe out the immune system from even functioning that day. High fat intake seriously impairs the immune systems functioning as does white table salt. Caffeine suppresses the immune system by upsetting the delicate mineral balance, which deprives the immune system of essential minerals. All drugs and pain killers adversely affect the immune system... even aspirin.

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